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Hair Extension Methods

ExtenTube (recommended)

An increasing number of extension professionals are selecting ExtenTube system for its convenience. Overall, this is the only technique (aside from weaving), in which glue or other chemicals are not required. ExtenTube system is well-known from its stability because coloring, perming, blow-drying and ironing can be done afterwards since metal tubes retain extension hair.

One Step

The name describes itself. No adhesives, no chemicals, easy application in only 1 step! The hair extension is attached to a tiny copper tube. I pull your hair through the tiny tube and clamp down. The difference between this method and the exten-tube is the hair extensions is not in the tube with your hair therefore there is less tension or pulling on your hair. This hair is top quality and can last 4 months!

Plastic Tube/Shrinkies

Very similar to to the ExtenTube method. Plastic tubes (instead of copper) are used that shrink when heat is applied. The tubes match the color of your hair and stay attached for up to four months.


By simply applying Kera Fusing Tool, Keratip system is by far recognized as the fastest and the simplest extension technique. The extension hair comes pretipped with a keratin (protein) adhesive that is individually attached to your hair by using my heat tool then using my fingers i roll the adhesive very small to lay smoothly against your head. The hair will stay attached for 3-4 months